Why the iPhone is so Successful

The iPhone phenomenon has successfully swept across the world. The phone is a staple among cell phone users, and put Apple on the map as one of the most successful and top-grossing electronic companies in the industry. After the Macintosh computers were outdone by Microsoft’s PCs, it seemed as though Microsoft would be dominating the industry from then on out. Of course, since then Steve Jobs’ transformation of Apple into a major worldwide competitor has been turned into a major motion picture, and the rest is history.

So what does this have to do with the iPhone? The iPhone is known for its undeniable good looks, its ease of use, and for the many apps available to play with. Part of the reason of its success may have something to do with the iPod made by Apple before the iPhone ever came out. In the days of the iPod, everyone had a cell phone to go along with it. Apple took those two concepts and made them one, with the creative (albeit self-explanatory) title of iPhone. But besides the ability to play music, what is it that has made the iPhone so successful?

The Touch Screen

When the iPhone first hit the scene, the majority of phones on the market were flip phones or other standard cell phones. The iPhone completely revolutionized the way that users were able to interact with their mobile device. Perhaps that was part of the reason the phone made such a big splash to begin with. The trend has translated to tablets, and even some laptops and televisions now feature touchscreen capabilities.

iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora

The ability to have this many music platforms all in one place has made the iPhone a hit among the millions of music lovers that have been using the devices for years now. Carrying around multiple devices is, let’s face it, an inconvenience. The ability of iPhone users to be talking on the phone one minute and go to iTunes and start jamming the next have made the iPhone one of the most popular devices in the world these days.


Combining a phone with a touch screen with a variety of features such as music speakers, the headphone jack, and all the capabilities Apple has poured into their signature device over the past few years makes the phone what it is. From the voice and “personality” of Siri to the


The iPhone made texting more fun and more enjoyable, right around the time it was already becoming popular on the older phone models. Being able to touch the screen and eventually add emoticons and all sorts of other things really went a long way in making the iPhone what it is today.

Social Media

One of the biggest advantages of a smartphone like the iPhone is the access and connectivity is provides to its user to be able to access Facebook, Instagram, and the various other social media apps such as Snapchat or Tinder. These apps help users feel connected, and just about everyone is involved with one or more of these social media platforms. That’s no doubt a big part of what makes the iPhone (and other smartphones) so appealing.

The iPhone is the most popular phone out there, and has been for years. While there are certainly other smartphones out there with some of these capabilities, the innovation and trend-setting of Apple’s device no doubt had a great impact on the cell phone and mobile market.  Apple’s revolutionary innovations, behind the late Steve Jobs, have had a huge impact on the phone and even the consumer electronic market.

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