What is a No Contract Cell Phone?

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A no contract phone is also known as a prepaid cell phone. This is a cell phone you can pay to use without a contract.  You are able to choose how much you want to pay toward service and data usage.  When you pay you are able to use a certain number of minutes until they are used up. When you run out of minutes you reload or pay a fee to add more airtime.  This is a convenient way to have a cell phone since you are in control of how much is spent.

How Service Works on the Cell Phone

Using a no contract phone is simple.  You pay a fee that includes data usage and talk time.  Some providers have a card you load money onto to load to your account.  You can also add money to your account through their website.  When you add money to your account you can make calls, send texts, and more based on coverage available.  Since you don’t have a contract you don’t have to be stuck paying fees or having services you don’t want.  You pay what you can afford.

Reasons Why People Go Prepaid

Consumers use prepaid phones for different reasons.  Parents may consider this option for their teenager as a convenient and inexpensive way to ensure they can be contacted.  Prepaid phones can be purchased on sale through different retailers’ in-person or online.  There is a wide selection of phones to choose from and you don’t have to be in a contract to pay the same amount each month.  You can control how much you spend and have a better idea how often you use the phone and its features.  Setup for the device is easy and you have the option of doing it on your own through the computer or with a live agent over the phone.

How to Get a No Contract Phone

You can check online through retailers offering mobile devices.  You can choose from options available through cell phone providers and service providers.  You can learn options by getting familiar with what is available in your area. This aspect is important because you want a phone with solid capabilities where you live in order to get good reception and value for your investment. Since you don’t need a credit check you can get the phone you want easily, but it may cost you a little more.

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Why Prepaid is Different from a Contract Phone

A prepaid phone and a traditional cell phone are different not just because of price differences, but also features a user can enjoy.  A contract phone includes a 1 or 2 year contract.  A percentage of what you are paying each month goes toward the cost of the mobile device used with the service plan.  If you don’t have a contract you are responsible for paying the entire cost of the phone. Features you want may be on a prepaid phone, but they may not be as exciting as you thought, or they may be what you are looking for with a budget.

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