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Top iPhone 8 Speculations

There are all sorts of rumors circulating around the web when it comes to what kind of features may be present in the next smartphone released from Apple. These devices have been coming out in the first part of September for the past few years, so it’s not far fetched to think that the same will occur in 2017. Another great question is whether the 8th edition of the iPhone will actually be called the iPhone 8, or if Apple will choose a different name for the 10th anniversary edition of its smartphone.

With so many questions like these, it’s refreshing to read up on some things that may actually be happening. There are a lot of rumors surrounding the next iPhone, and while not all of them might come to fruition, chances are that at least a couple of these rumors will end up in the iPhone 8 (or whatever it ends up being called).

Speculations and Rumors for the iPhone 8

OLED Screens

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. One of the most exciting features about the iPhone 8 is that it could possibly feature OLED screens. OLED screens produce their own light and don’t require the backlight that’s present in the current iPhone models. Not having a backlight would enable the iPhone 8 to be thinner than previous models. This is why the new OLED TVs from LG are so thin.

This would be an appreciated feature that would have many people excited about the new edition of the iPhone. A thinner phone is just not good for aesthetic purposes. It would also help people slide the phone in and out of their pocket or purse.

Wireless Charging

One feature that’s been on the rumor mill for a while is the ability to charge wirelessly. There are already smartphones out there that charge wirelessly, including ones by Samsung, Google, and LG. Apple’s Apple Watch charges on a wireless magnetic charging dock, so it makes sense that this feature would eventually come to the iPhones as well.

Only Made of Glass

There are also rumors circulating that this could be the first iPhone only made of glass since the iPhone 4, which was released way back in 2010. The iPhones have come an awful long way since then, so it makes sense that Apple would want to incorporate other features into their incredible smartphones.

Word on the street is that making the iPhone 8 out of glass would help it with wireless charging and other features as well.

Retina Scanning

Retina scanning is a feature in the rumor mill for the Galaxy S8, as well. This feature will surely come to smartphones one day, but whether it’s happening in 2017 has yet to be seen. However, bringing in a retina scanning function would drastically increase the security protocols of the iPhone 8, as it’s a much more secure process than the current fingerprint or passcode process.

September, September

The past few iPhones have been released in September, so there’s a good chance that the next one will be as well. Those that are looking into upgrading to this 10th anniversary edition of the most iconic smartphone of all time can look forward to a possible upgrade in the first part of September.

Whether you’re a fan of Apple’s “i” products or not, there are definitely some features coming to the next iPhone to be excited about. These upgrades will inspire other smartphone manufacturers to continue innovating and improving their products. As an iPhone 6 owner, I’m particularly excited about the chance to upgrade to one of the newer models this year.

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