Facebook makes it possible to learn how to catch a cheater.

3 Important Changes To Facebook’s Mobile App

Social media is pretty much a necessity in our every day lives. Whether you use it to learn how to catch a cheater or you just want to stay in touch with your friends, you probably go on Facebook every day. And this is doubly true if you have a smartphone. Fortunately, Facebook is always working on improving its customer experience. Here are three of the newest features and improvements to come to the app in the past few months.

Connected Stories

Before, if you wanted to share a story on Facebook, you’d have to post it separately on the individual Facebook and Messenger apps. But now, your story will automatically be uploaded to both of them. This makes it easy for someone to find out how to catch a cheater if one of their friends posts something that was meant for another audience. Plus, you can even set up your Instagram story to be shared to all three of these apps.

New PayPal Extension

Both buyers and sellers are protected with PayPal.
PayPal is the preferred service for many buyers and sellers.

In case you haven’t noticed, Facebook Marketplace has blown up this year. It’s a bit like Craigslist, except more convenient and trustworthy. People love how simple it is to look up anything they need to buy, from furniture to other housewares. And now, it’s even easier to use thanks to Facebook Messenger’s new PayPal extension. Sellers can now send invoices to their buyers right through Messenger. This speeds up the selling process, as buyers can now instantly pay for their purchases. They’ll also have PayPal’s buyer protection for every transaction.

Improved Suicide Prevention AI

Parents, you can rest easy now. Facebook has used a suicide prevention AI for the past year, but it wasn’t until recently that they made significant improvements to it. This update eliminates a previous flaw, which recognized when a user would post suicide-related content, yet still required one of their friends to report the post or make a call for help. That’s all changed now, as the AI can now redirect the content to reviewers who are able to call first responders. Plus, it even identifies which reports are the most urgent and need attention right away.

It's worth learning how to take care of your electronics the right way.

How to Take Care of Your Electronics

If you’re like most people, you’re busy doing a ton of things and aren’t too focused on taking care of your possessions. That includes your electronic devices. The sad truth is, many people just don’t take proper care of their fancy gadgets. Maybe you don’t know how to, or you’re planning to just buy another one if your current one breaks. But if you’re really into technology, you need to learn how to take care of your electronics. This way, they’ll last a long time and you can sell them when it’s time to upgrade to something new.

You see, I’m writing this on a MacBook from 2011. But I’ve taken very good care of it, and it’s still running great. If you always insist on having the newest products (and have the money to afford them), you should learn to start taking care of what you buy.

Get a Case

These days, you can find a case for just about any kind of electronic device, aside from televisions. Chances are, you’ll be able to find a case for your cell phone, no matter what model you have. Whether it’s a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet, there are cases for it.

A case is going to do wonders in protecting your device from the wear-and-tear of daily use; it’s the easiest way to take care of your electronics. From crashing to the pavement to a variety of other disasters that can occur, it’s important to protect your electronics from the dangers that are out there waiting for them.

Run Virus Scanners on PCs

Make sure to run a virus scan on a regular basis.
Keep your computer free of viruses with regular scans.

Running virus scanners on PCs is the best way to keep them up-to-speed and running smooth. Mac users, on the other hand, have the advantage of not having to worry about PC viruses on their computers. But if you’re a PC owner, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to take care of a PC and keep it running smoothly. Adaware is a great program that can be downloaded for free online. It’ll delete any annoying spyware that can slow down your PC and affect its performance.

Keep Them Away from Water

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their electronic devices is taking them near water. Whether it’s the pool, the lake, or the beach, people have a knack for letting the phones or even their computers get too close to the water. The beach is particularly perilous because the sand can sneak into the crevices of a smartphone and cause problems. Don’t be that guy. Instead, put your phone in your backpack or just leave it at home.

These tips may seem simple, but they’re going to be a big help if you’ve never learned to how to properly take care of your electronics. They’re also great tips for people who can’t figure out why their devices keep breaking. If someone you know seems to have that problem, be sure to show them this list so that they can stop spending so much money on device repairs!

The iPhone lets you download a cell phone spy app to supervise your children.

Why is the iPhone so Successful?

The iPhone phenomenon has successfully swept across the world. Not only is it a staple among cell phone users, but it put Apple on the map as one of the most successful and top-grossing electronic companies in the industry. The iPhone is known for its undeniable good looks, its ease of use, and its extensive library of available apps. Cell phone spy apps in particular are popular among parents and employers. Some of the iPhone’s success may have something to do with the previous release of the iPod. In the days of the iPod, everyone had a cell phone to go along with their MP3 player. Apple took those two concepts and made them one, with the creative (albeit self-explanatory) title of “iPhone.” But besides the ability to play music, what has made the iPhone so successful?


With the iPhone, texting is more fun and enjoyable. It came out right around the time that texting was already becoming popular on older, standard cell phone models. Using the touchscreen and adding emoticons really helped make the iPhone what it is today.

The Touchscreen

When the iPhone first hit the scene, the majority of phones on the market were standard cell phones. The iPhone completely revolutionized the way that users were able to interact with their mobile device. This touchscreen trend has extended to tablets, as well as even some laptops and televisions.

iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora

Because the iPhone has so many music platforms in one place, it’s been a hit among millions of music lovers for years. It’s inconvenient to carry multiple devices around. With the iPhone, you can talk on the phone one minute, then open up iTunes and starting jamming the next. This has made it one of the most popular devices in the world.


Combining a touchscreen phone with a variety of features such as music speakers, a headphone jack, and numerous other capabilities makes the iPhone what it is. From the voice and “personality” of Siri to the ease of use, you can accomplish almost anything with the iPhone. That includes using cell phone spy software to keep an eye on your children.


Social Media

One of the biggest advantages of the iPhone is how easy it is for users to access Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and various other social media apps. These apps help users feel connected. There’s no doubt that this connectivity makes the iPhone, as well as many other smartphones, so appealing.

For years, the iPhone has remained the most popular smartphone out there. While there are certainly other models out there that have some of these capabilities, the iPhone’s innovation and new technology has made an undeniable impact on the smartphone market. Plus, you can use a cell phone spy app to keep tabs of your family’s iPhone activities.

Be sure to download cell phone spy software on your new iPhone 8.

Top iPhone 8 Speculations

Numerous rumors are circulating around the web about what features may be present in Apple’s next smartphone release. For the past few years, these devices have been released in the beginning of September, so it’s not far-fetched to think that it’ll happen this year, too. Another great question is whether the 8th edition of the iPhone will actually be called the iPhone 8. Apple may choose a different name for the 10th anniversary edition of its smartphone. No matter what features it has, though, you’ll surely be able to download cell phone spy software on it. I highly recommend this for parents of young children.

With all these questions, it’s refreshing to read up on some things that may actually be happening. There are a lot of rumors surrounding the next iPhone, and while not all of them might come to fruition, chances are that at least some of them will be true.

Speculations and Rumors for the iPhone 8

OLED Screens

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. One of the most exciting features about the iPhone 8 is that it could possibly feature OLED screens. OLED screens produce their own light, so they don’t require the backlight that’s present in the current iPhone models. This means that the iPhone 8 would be thinner than previous models. This is why the new OLED TVs from LG are so thin. A thinner phone is not just aesthetically pleasing; it would also help users take their phone out of their pocket or purse more easily.

Wireless Charging

One feature that’s been on the rumor mill for a while is wireless charging. Samsung, Google, and LG have already made smartphones that charge wirelessly. Because the Apple Watch charges on a wireless magnetic charging dock, it makes sense that the iPhone would have this feature as well.

Only Made of Glass

This might be the first iPhone that’s solely made of glass since the iPhone 4, which was released way back in 2010. The iPhone has come an awful long way since then. Plus, an all-glass model would enhance wireless charging and other features.

Retina Scanning

Along with the iPhone 8, the Samsung Galaxy S8 might have retina scanning as well. While smartphones will probably have this feature someday, we still don’t know if it’ll happen in 2017. However, bringing in a retina scanning function would drastically increase the security protocols of the iPhone 8. It’s more effective than the current model’s fingerprint or passcode process. You’ll be sure that no one else can break into your phone and download cell phone spy software.

Whether you’re a fan of Apple’s products or not, the next iPhone will definitely have some exciting features. These upgrades will inspire other smartphone manufacturers to continue innovating and improving their products. App manufacturers may even make changes to their games and cell phone spy software to reflect these features. As an iPhone 6 owner, I’m particularly excited about upgrading to a newer model this year. You can ask me any questions about my own smartphone by clicking here.

Airplane mode may prevent you from using a text spy.

What is Airplane Mode on a Cell Phone?

When a cell phone is put into airplane mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular radio functions may be turned off. People usually switch to airplane mode when they’re flying on a plane. Yet, many airplanes offer similar services while in-flight, such as Wi-Fi. On the other hand, some people use airplane mode even when they’re not on a plane. Disabling your phone’s wireless radio signals helps conserve battery power. However, you may not be able to use a text spy app with airplane mode. While airplane mode offers a number of advantages, some wonder if it’s still necessary when airplanes make additional adjustments for cellular use in flight.

How Airplane Mode Disables Certain Cell Phone Features

You can access airplane mode through your wireless and network settings. Depending on your operating system, certain features will be disabled. For instance, if you have Wi-Fi capabilities, airplane mode may turn off your connection. Your phone also may not scan for Wi-Fi networks or automatically join one. In addition, Bluetooth technology could be disabled unless it’s for a mouse and keyboard. Some phones may even disable GPS functions while in airplane mode. And, because your phone cannot connect to a cell phone tower in this mode, you can’t make calls or send text messages. This makes it difficult to receive text messages via a text spy program.

Is This Mode Really Necessary?

Some countries have mandatory regulations that prevent cell phones from being used in-flight. Occasionally, these signals can interfere with transmission signals from cell towers. It becomes more difficult for the phone to maintain communication with a cell tower. That’s because it’s traveling and can be near different towers at the same time.

Meanwhile, the airplane has sensors and signals that it must connect with for a safe flight.  But, is airplane mode really necessary? Not everyone who boards a plane has their phone set into airplane mode. It’s really not a big deal, but it could affect the battery life of their phones as they try to find a signal.

How Does the Battery Benefit?

Airplane mode is better for a phone’s battery because it can save power when certain features are turned off. Surprisingly, some people may not realize how much their apps can drain their battery. Experts suggest that the use of airplane mode may help your phone have a longer battery life. However, you may not be able to access your text spy app at the same time.

Are There Cell Phone Signals on Airplanes?

At this time, this technology needs to be reviewed. There are rules and regulations that may need to change so cell phone signals can be used on airplanes; this will take time. Eventually, planes will have connectivity through cellular radios to improve phone connections while in-flight. Cell phones will be able to have a solid connection, while the airplane’s signals won’t be affected.

cell phone spy
In the future, you might be able to get decent cell phone signal on a plane.


You can still make all your calls and texts on a contract phone.

What is a No Contract Cell Phone?

A no contract phone is also known as a prepaid cell phone. This is a cell phone you can pay to use without a contract. You’re allowed to choose how much you want to pay toward service and data usage. When you pay, you can only use a certain number of minutes. You then reload your minutes or pay a fee to add more airtime. The best part of having a no contract phone is that you control how much money you spend on it.

How Service Works on the Cell Phone

Using a no contract phone is simple – you just pay a fee that includes data usage and talk time. Some providers have a card that allows you to load money onto your account.  You can also add money through their website. Once you’ve added money, you can make calls, send texts, and more based on available coverage. Because you don’t have a contract, you’re not stuck paying fees or dealing with unwanted services. You simply pay what you can afford.

Reasons Why People Go Prepaid

People choose prepaid phones for various reasons. For example, parents may consider buying one for their teenager so they can always get in contact with them. Other people might go with a prepaid phone because it’s easier to manage the services they want.

How to Get a No Contract Phone

You can purchase prepaid phones through different retailers, either in-person or online. There’s a wide selection of phones you can choose from that don’t require a contract. Plus, you can narrow down what type of phone and features you’re willing to pay for. Just make sure that you choose a phone, with solid capabilities, from a service provider that has good reception in your area. Because no contract phones don’t require a credit check, it’ll be easier for you to get the phone you want. Just keep in mind that it may cost you a little more.

cell phone spy
You need to think about what type of features you’re looking for in a phone.
Why Prepaid is Different from a Contract Phone

Not only are prepaid phones and traditional cell phones different because of their prices, but also their features. A contract phone includes a 1 or 2 year contract. A percentage of what you pay each month goes toward the cost of the phone, along with the service plan.  If you don’t have a contract, you’re responsible for paying the entire cost of the phone.


See your child's online activities with a spy phone app.

Teach Your Child How to Use a Smartphone

Around 75% of American children within the age group of three to twelve have access to a smartphone. Most of these children use them on a regular basis to make calls, send and receive texts, and access social media websites. It is true that using smartphones at a young age helps them develop their interests and become tech-savvy early on. However, today’s parents need to ensure that their kids know what they’re doing. Installing a spy phone app is one way to keep track of their Internet activities.

Smartphones can be fun, but they come with their own set of risks.

Social Media

Smartphones have a plethora of advanced features that make it effortless to go online. However, as most of you already know, not all forms of online entertainment are meant for children. In fact, most of social media networks have a minimum age requirement for an account. When we talk about social media, we mainly think about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But there are actually hundreds of other social media websites that can have a devastating impact on young children. We can’t really blame our children if they’re not correctly using their smartphone. At their age, it is natural to be inquisitive and adventurous. Most importantly, they don’t know how dangerous the Internet can be.

Cyberbullying is a serious problem among teens nowadays.

Cyber Crime

Almost all of us have heard about cyberbullying and sexting incidents. The immediate results of these crimes are severe depression, sudden mood swings, loss of interest in studies, and even addiction. Most of these cases result from a child’s tendency to trust every individual they meet on the Internet. The online world’s anonymity makes kids soft targets for online predators. However, you can find a way to intervene. A spy phone app allows you keep an eye on your child and supervise their conversations with strangers online.

Highster Mobile

Before you teach your child how to correctly use their smartphone, you need to find out how they’re currently using it. A quality spy phone app will let you do just that. A large number of parents now use Highster Mobile to ensure that their children are safe on the Internet. Using this application, you can have a clear understanding of what your child is doing online. Highster Mobile gives you the freedom to listen to their calls, see their text messages, check their browser history, verify their physical location, and much more. The system is designed for covert monitoring from a remote place. At any point in time, if you feel the need to intervene immediately, you can do that by completely locking the target phone from your phone.

I hope that your child is doing the right thing, so there’s no need for parental guidance. However, if suspect that something’s wrong, Highster Mobile can provide the support you need to stand by your kid. If you want to learn more, get in touch with me.