Sean Arthur

Sean poses outside.
A photo of Sean, taken outside.

Nice to meet you! I’m Sean Arthur. Grid Ireland is my small contribution to the smartphone world. How did I become interested in them, you may ask? My family and I moved to America from Ireland in the 90’s, when I was a child. This explains the inspiration behind the name “Grid Ireland.” Technology has changed so drastically over the past few decades. I was amazed by all the changes I was witnessing firsthand. From cassette players to the very first clamshell cell phone, I loved watching it all unfold before my eyes.

Educating Others

Nowadays, people are almost expected to know the very basics about every new form of technology out there. It’s not easy for those who didn’t grow up with them, though. Even my parents still have trouble configuring their phones, laptops, and TVs from time to time. I grew up teaching them about the newest technology I learned about from my peers. Now that I’m out on my own, I want to pass that knowledge on to other people who are unfamiliar with them.

Smartphones are amazing devices – the possibilities are practically endless. They’ve become completely ingrained in our society. There’s also so much that people still need to understand about them. They should know exactly what they’re capable of. Aside from apps, videos, games, and messaging, smartphones can be used as informational tools. It’s possible to access millions of Internet pages and even online classes with them. However, people underestimate just how much valuable information these devices hold. There’s a lot someone can learn about you from your contacts, text messages, and browser history. I hope that my blog posts can help other people understand just how valuable, and yet a bit risky, smartphones are. It’s important that people are fully informed about the devices their friends, family, and spouses are using.

Have any questions? Need some guidance about your new smartphone purchase? I’d be happy to help! Contact me here.